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About Me


The stories of my life:

East to West and back… and back again.

Farm to ocean to country to city… and now the SF Bay Area.

Horses to retail to architecture to gym rat… and the discovery of the power of Pilates and movement training

Food as comfort, then purely as fuel and the enemy… to the revelations of taste and creativity and the pleasure of eating.


I have moved from a childhood on a horse farm in Vermont to working retail at Patagonia headquarters in Ventura to opening a gym in Vermont to reveling in the energy of New York City. And I have now settled in Berkeley enjoying the sun and the food and the amazing set of private training clients that I’ve found.

My own fitness and wellness journey has evolved just as my professional life has. From an active childhood riding horses and working on the farm to a history of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and food allergies to the gym and lots of time on a Spinning bike to where I am now, enjoying regular hikes & walking, lots of conscious movement combining strength, range of motion and flexibility and taking care of myself as best I know how.

I love to understand how our bodies function – the muscles and the skeleton and the ways in which we eat and live our lives affects the way that our body works. And I try to live my own life with all of that in mind.

So, who am I?  Pilates Instructor, volunteer, friend, giver of kick-butt dinner parties (if I say so myself), lover of long walks and the sunshine, eater of kimchi, and, oh yes – a pizza devotee at the end of it all.


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