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Checking In: Excuses & Apologies

by Willow on January 25th, 2011

Months have gone by.  MONTHS. Yikes.  I’m really not to sure how it happened that I was so good, blogging regularly…  And then…  Just so, well, BAD.

It’s not that I stopped eating, certainly not — and I definitely didn’t stop cooking.  Au contraire!  It’s been a fall & winter full of vegetable wellingtons and adzuki bean stews and sweet potato fries and spiced quinoa and and and…  Really, I’ve been cooking up a storm!

But there are other things out there keeping me from blogging.  Big life changes.  Decisions to be discussed and plans to be made.  Photographing my food seemed to fall by the wayside when faced with bigger things.  Things like the Husband quitting his job.  Things like putting together a five week vacation in southeast Asia.  Things like planning a move cross country.  Yes, you heard right.  We’re up and moving, most likely to northern California.  But in the meantime, we’re taking some (well deserved) time off, traveling and sleeping late and exploring.  And, of course, eating!

I will not be forgetting about this blog, although I probably won’t be cooking too much over the next few months, given our travel plans.  But I will keep in touch, maybe showing you all some of the wonderful eats I’m discovering in Laos and Cambodia.

And once we’re settled somewhere new, I’ll be back in full force, promise!  I want to use this move, and the restarting of my business somewhere new, to really focus on nutrition and cooking.  I can’t wait to discover a new place, with new markets and new farmers and new foodies to befriend.  And the opportunity to focus my next career phase on just what this blog is called: Making Food Simple.  Teaching people that it’s really not so complex, despite what the news headlines and scientific journals and magazine covers tell us.  We can feed ourselves real, whole food.  And it can be done simply.

So I’ll be back.  Don’t forget about me in the meantime!

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  1. Willow these posts are awesome. Come back! just write one post and you’ll be back at it! ( look who’s talking, right?) Hope you both are well!

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