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Winter And The Locavore

by Willow on October 31st, 2010

Here in New England, the harvest season is pretty much winding down – which, as you know, makes me very very sad.  🙁  I’m busy stocking up on squashes, apples & sweet potatoes to store, and have spent the entire summer freezing any and all extra veggies and fruit so that we can have the tastes of the summer through the long, dark winter.

But wait!  Before I allow myself to collapse too deeply into the winter doldrums, I am reminded that there ARE opportunities for fresh food throughout the non-growing months, even here in Boston! For more details, check out my blog posting over at Slow Food Boston.  But for a quick overview, keep reading below.

First off, many of our farmers markets now continue through Thanksgiving, and three (that I know of) will be running January through March.  Hurrah!  For now, farmers continue to harvest carrots, beets, turnips, and potatoes as well as grow lettuces in the greenhouses.  Apples and squashes are being stored and brought along to sell  as well.  Add to this baked goods, frozen meats and fish and we’re in pretty good shape!

Winter CSAs are also widespread this year — everything from the basic storage-able crops to one farm that sources from up & down the East Coast, garnering you a few lovely grapefruits during the Florida citrus harvest.  More than likely, there’s one that will fit your eating habits.  Finding winter CSA info online can be a little hit or miss because many farms are doing it last minute, recognizing that their harvest has been abundant, and the need and desire from the consumers are there.  But do check out Local Harvest – I think it’s the best and most up to date resource out there.

There are also a couple of delivery systems being set up to bring the city-dwellers farm fresh food: Farmers To You is a new company buying and delivering foodstuffs from Vermont farms to the Cambridge area.  And the Stillmans Farm ‘Meat Meets’ will continue to happen again this year.  More info on them can be found through JJ Gonson at Cuisine en Locale.

So don’t despair — eat up instead!  There are ways to stay true to the mantra of eating whole, real, local food year round.  Sometimes it just takes a little research….

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